When Scooby-Doo! Met Batman | TV, Film & Comics History

Journey with me into the history of the many times the dog detective and caped crusader crossed over, from film to TV to comics.

Covers: The New Scooby-Doo! Movies: The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair / The Caped Crusader Caper / Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases! / Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold / Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?: What a Night, For a Dark Knight! / Scooby-Doo! Team-Up (DC Comics) / The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (DC Comics)

Segment selection:
00:00 – Intro
01:43 – The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair (The New Scooby-Doo Movies)
08:11 – The Caped Crusader Caper (The New Scooby-Doo Movies)
14:46 – Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases! (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
19:24 – Scooby-Doo! Team-Up (DC Comics)
27:33 – Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold
42:22 – What a Night, for a Dark Knight! (Scooby-Doo! and Guess Who?)
48:55 – The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (DC Comics)
57:11 – Outro

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26 thoughts on “When Scooby-Doo! Met Batman | TV, Film & Comics History”

  1. The scooby doo meet batman and robin will always be my favorites movie eved i watch more than 100 times because how funny it is when joker and peguine dress up as fairytales stories😂

  2. I will always have a soft spot for the New Scooby-Doo Movies Batman episodes. I had Scooby-Doo Meets Batman on VHS and watched that religiously as a kid, so much nostalgia.

  3. I’d like to point out how Fred says nobody in their right mind would use a cave as a secret hideout despite the fact that in the previous crossover, they went to the Batcave

  4. 14:47 Getting the intentional "mistakes" for the Scooby and Bat Manga segments of that Brave and Bold episode was tough to communicate to overseas. I tried to get Eric Semones to paint the backgrounds for the Scooby segment since he worked on the very first Scooby series, but he wasn't interested in painting like that any more. We ended up getting Tristin Cole – whose father worked on the original series, to paint that section. I think she knocked it out of the park.

  5. 23:49 Wait a minute…those are actually good ideas. Why haven’t we got a Scooby Doo/Ghostbusters crossover. That would be a match made in heaven. Especially if it was the Scooby gang meeting the Real Ghostbusters. You know, from the cartoon version.

  6. I do not get this team-up? They are just a bunch of ordinary teenagers and a talking dog who solved the mystery of having people in Halloween costumes all because of money and revenge for what they did to them and having a lot of goofy hijinx and wacky shenanigans. Seriously, what can they possibly do to help superheroes? I know it's nostalgia, but the Scooby gang is useless. When it comes, to certain things that are way out of their league, like going up against real supervillains and real supernatural all by themselves. Honestly, the leader is a bit of an idiot and a terrible leader when it comes to having the team split up and looking for clues. If they were going up against real supernatural threats, like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, there going to die in a couple of minutes, not to mention that his traps don't work that much. The girl in the group has always gotten kidnaped, and she doesn't contribute much to the team. Until years later, some of her incarnations are useful to the team. The brain of the group is such a know-it-all smug. She is the only valid member of the team, she's a better example of being a detective than the other members, but she can't handle things all by herself like the others. Finally, you have the hippy, and the dog, who are not only cowards but are not the smartest in the group, and the only thing they are good at is eating a lot and being bait for the monsters. I know some of the members have skills of their own in other versions of themselves, I am just going to talk about what the members are known for in most versions and even though some of the members have talent is still not enough to help superheroes when comes to handling supervillains especially, handling the most dangerous villains in D.C comics. If it was the darker version of the superheroes. Not only they are incredibly useless to help them, but they are going to be in the way of doing their job of being superheroes while having to be saved all the time of their action. When it comes to superhero team-ups, the writers have some changes by dumbing down the heroes so the Mystery Gang can be equals, like in the New Scooby-Doo movies, Superfriends, and Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? So, it can be entertaining by pleasing the audience. In other words, they are so useless when it comes to handling something real, which is not a guy or a woman in a Halloween costume that's trying to scare someone all because of greed or revenge for something that they did to them. When it comes to some situations, they can barely handle the supernatural. Here are some examples of the Scooby Gang manages supernatural threats. In Zombie Island, all they did was try to stay alive from the cat people until they were out of time. In Witch's Ghost, they didn't do anything to get rid of the witch. It was thanks to Thorn from the Hex girls who saved the day. All the gang did was try to make sure the Ravencrofts shouldn't get the book. These films had real supernatural threats, and they did nothing to handle them. Also, in Scooby-natural, they didn't do much and they had no idea to manage a real ghost. It was all thanks to the Supernatural team, who did all the work, and at the end of the special, the Supernatural team lied to them, so they will go back to doing what they always do. In the Goblin King, the other members don't know what they're up against; it took Shaggy and Scooby-Doo to save the day with a couple of magical items of what they have. You might as well face it, no matter what you are going to say about trying to defend the Mystery Gang. It is still not enough for them to handle impossible things, such as managing something real without having any help from people who are better than them in everything. The only thing they are good at is, handling people in Halloween costumes.

  7. Scooby doo is somthing that i will always come back to just because of how big of an impact it had on my childhood and my love of mysteries and Cartoons in general.❤ also i HAVE the blue-ray of the ORIGINAL series i orderd coming on friday as well as one of my favorite movies Abra-cadabra-doo.

  8. This is a great video you put together. I am also a fan of both characters.
    I have written a pair of books called The Ultimate SuperFriends Companion, in which I cover all things SuperFriends and I included chapters on the Filmation DC cartoons and my personal favorite by Filmation. The New Adventures of Batman from 1977 with the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward. And that led me to the SuperFriends.
    Second to the SuperFriends is Scooby Doo. But my interests are the classic Scooby Doo shows from 1969- through the 70's. Fred has always been my favorite character, but only during this era when he was serious, very skilled at operating many things and was second to Velma in intelligence. I do not like the modern version of Fred where he has been dumbed down and is portrayed as a scatterbrained idiot. I also love the classics better when Don Messici, Casey Kasem, Heather North and Pat Stevens were alive. Don't know about Nicole Jaffe. But they along with Frank Welker were my comfort zone when it comes to Scooby Doo.
    Again, great job with this video. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.