When Nightwing was R*PED…Twice!

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These are two of the darkest moments for Nightwing in DC continuity and they often go undiscussed. If you or a loved one are going through something similar, there are resources to help.

RAINN: 800.656.HOPE or online.rainn.org

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44 thoughts on “When Nightwing was R*PED…Twice!”

  1. If I had a nickel for everytime a male comic book hero with Grayson as a last name that got raped, I would have 2 nickles which isn’t a lot but weird that happened twice.

  2. Serious, dangerous and scary real life example of abusing the power of illusion casting. Of all the superpowers out there, thank goodness this power is not real

  3. What’s crazy is that the writer for the tarantula one said Dick enjoyed it which is like how cracked out do you have to be to say somethin like that…

  4. Same thing happened to Batman. In the movie "Son of Batman" she confuses 2 drugging him so she can get pregnant with Damian. And 4 some reason she says this while Damian is in hearing range.

  5. Bro this can raise the awareness and equality that both men and women can be a victim and a predators too 😢 Poor Dick Grayson Especially men who don't get enough attention about this

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