Venom After 100 Years of Hating Spider-Man

What Happened to Venom 2099 After 100 Years of Hating Spider-Man!

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30 thoughts on “Venom After 100 Years of Hating Spider-Man”

  1. Lol the main badguy sounds so sweet and kind when you voice him "You are no longer a family, I have nothing against you, officer…"☺

    Makes me feel sorry for the guy, while Carnage is sane enough to know that he's doing evil and enjoys it, Kron seems to believe that he is making the world a better place, he's beyond nuts

  2. >Enters the run
    >Fucks Miguel up
    >Kills multiple people in a hospital
    >Makes Miguel have to choose between his love interests (fails)
    >Kills Dana by having her pumped with lead
    Based Kron honestly 🤷🏽

  3. Why oh why haven’t they begun a Spider-Man 2099 live action or animated series at the very least at this point is beyond me… I find this arch much more interesting and badass than any of the recent or present Spider Verse Spider Men…
    What a shame that this Spider Man is barely only getting featured as an antagonist for that Miles Spider Man. And they probably will nerf his full abilities and genius intellect too. Seems like they’re making him come off more like an angry aggressive Spider Man. When in reality he’s so much more than that.

  4. Kron said his family neglected him that's terrible in of itself but that's no excuse for him to go out and ruin other happy families, I would say he's worse than Cletus Kassidy but no one is worse than him.