The Bat Family Meets Bane

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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase some funny and sad dialogue between Batman (Bruce Wayne), Red Hood (Jason Todd), Damian Wayne (Robin) & Bane in Injustice 2.

Game: Injustice 2 (2017)


24 thoughts on “The Bat Family Meets Bane”

  1. I feel like by constantly referencing the time Bane broke Batman's back, they're making him come off like someone who did something cool once and is really insecure, so he keeps reminding people about it, like a middle-aged dad who keeps bringing up how good he supposedly was at college football.

    Which is a shame, 'cause there is more to Bane than just "broke Batman's back once".

  2. I swear Jason's makes it the most obvious that a lot of dialogue is just reused, at least in mortal Kombat you can rarely notice if they ever reuse dialogue because they made so many unique interactions

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