Batman likes wonder woman? Superman flirting with Harley Quinn? Poison Ivy’s love pheromones #shorts

Poison Ivy’s love fermons.

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Batman’s Redesigned Rogues: How and Why?

When “Batman: The Animated Series” became “The New Batman Adventures,” all of the bad guys got big makeovers, some better off than others. But just HOW did these changes come about, in-universe?

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0:00 – Intro
3:13 – Announcements
3:37 – Prerequisites
4:55 – Catwoman
7:42 – The Riddler
9:47 – Mr. Freeze
11:43 – Killer Croc
15:04 – The Penguin
18:05 – Poison Ivy
20:05 – The Scarecrow
23:23 – The Joker
27:23 – Outro

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