RAiNBOW BiRTHDAY for MOM!! Adley & Niko plan a Surprise Party for Jenny! Cake Decorating & New Games

dad distracts mom while the kids plan the ultimate surprise party


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is Mom’s BiRTHDAY, and we are going to throw her the best surprise party ever! Dad took her out on a date to the movie theater to distracter her while Me, Niko, Alli, and lots of my cousins set things up! After Mom and Dad left we got straight to work! First, we had to make posters! I designed a poster that said Happy Birthday Mom with some pictures of things she likes, like a Harry Potter character and fairies from fairy forest! After we made posters, the girls started to frost cupcakes, while the boys decorated the house with streamers and fun games to play! While we were decorating cupcakes we got to use some special spray paint that you can eat which made it really fun! Niko and the boys set up lots of fun stuff like “Walk the plates” its a game that is kind of like musical chairs, you walk around on different colored plates, and when the music stops somebody yells out a color, if you are standing on that color you get a prize! There was also a “pin the cloud on the rainbow” game and a piñata full of candy!! When mom got back home we were all waiting for her and surprised her with confetti cannons and lots of hugs, she was so surprised and we all had a great time at her party!

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