RAiNBOW BiRTHDAY for MOM!! Adley & Niko plan a Surprise Party for Jenny! Cake Decorating & New Games

dad distracts mom while the kids plan the ultimate surprise party


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is Mom’s BiRTHDAY, and we are going to throw her the best surprise party ever! Dad took her out on a date to the movie theater to distracter her while Me, Niko, Alli, and lots of my cousins set things up! After Mom and Dad left we got straight to work! First, we had to make posters! I designed a poster that said Happy Birthday Mom with some pictures of things she likes, like a Harry Potter character and fairies from fairy forest! After we made posters, the girls started to frost cupcakes, while the boys decorated the house with streamers and fun games to play! While we were decorating cupcakes we got to use some special spray paint that you can eat which made it really fun! Niko and the boys set up lots of fun stuff like “Walk the plates” its a game that is kind of like musical chairs, you walk around on different colored plates, and when the music stops somebody yells out a color, if you are standing on that color you get a prize! There was also a “pin the cloud on the rainbow” game and a piñata full of candy!! When mom got back home we were all waiting for her and surprised her with confetti cannons and lots of hugs, she was so surprised and we all had a great time at her party!

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ADLEY & NiKO play MiNECRAFT in Real Life!! Saving Niko’s 5th Birthday Party from an Ender Dragon irl

YOU are invited to Niko’s Birthday!!!!
but be careful cuz it’s SURViVAL


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s Niko’s Birthday and Mom and Dad have planned the best birthday party ever! We have all our friends here to come with us to a Minecraft server in REAL LIFE!! But first we have to decorate out characters, we had lots of accessories to choose from: Bags, A for Adley Merch, Tattoos, and even some face paint! I got my face painted like a Minecraft pig, Niko got a gold sword painted on his face to look tough! After everybody had their characters ready it was time for us to jump though the portal and into the Pirate Island Minecraft server! When we got there we noticed somebody else there with us.. we ran over to see who it was! It was another player named Pirate Dad! At first he was scared of us, but then we decided to be friends and work together! He told us that there was an Ender Dragon that stole all the presents from Niko’s Birthday so we had to find a way to get them back! First we had to collect some wood to create a crafting table! Then we could use them to make some swords and axes for when the mobs come out at nighttime! Speaking of nighttime.. its starting to get dark! When the mobs came out we did out best to battle them! Some of them even dropped some loot like TNT or some Ender Crystals! If we collect enough Ender Crystals we can use them to spawn the ender dragon and get Niko’s Birthday back! After a few more days and nights of collecting resources we were ready! We put the crystals together on the crafting table and the Ender Dragon appeared! All of the sudden it got super rainy with thunder and lightning! He almost got us a few times but we worked together and fought him off! Then Niko grabbed a bow and arrow and slayed the dragon! Then we grabbed the dragon egg and ran back to get out of the rain and finish Niko’s Birthday Party!!

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A for ADLEY: Lost in the Movies FiLM DAY with our FAMiLY!! behind the scenes making our movie!

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Best BTS Movie Day Ever 1317

Breakfast time with Adley! Probably what started our morning routines to begin with. We pour ourselves some cereal while Adley introduces us to some of her favorite dolls. This includes Baby Adley, a toy we are trying to make as well as the snowboarding doll she got as a present on Christmas. Today is an extra special Best Day Ever because we are making a movie!! Thats right, one you would go see in the theaters. It’s a story of Adley being sucked into the world or our Spacestation animation videos and what craziness would happen.

Once we finish breakfast, we head to the movie theater to film. We meet our friends who help on A for Adley as well as our animation team. They are going to help us film as well as act alongside us. The kids are stoked cause they get to hang with friends and we have so many cool things. Posters of our videos, custom popcorn bickets and golden tickets. After we help set up and give everyone some direction, it’s time to start. Adley, Niko, and Navey act so well and Jenny and I couldn’t be more proud. Huge thanks to our crew, their families, and everyone who helped make this come together.

After we finish filming (and having a huge dance party to Adley’s Thanksgiving turkey song) we get to set up an display. We fill it up with monkeys, popcorn, and stickers. It looks so good!! After we round up the family we head out for pizza!!

After food we head back home to film just a bit more for the movie. While we set up, Adley and I remembered some of our very first stuffies we made for you guys, our friends. While we film, Niko plays in the backyard on the trampoline with Spencer and Jonah. That boy loves the trampoline!

After were wrap up, Aldey and i head to the Spacestation for a to give you all the details about the movie. So this will first be a small release, kind of a test run. April 20th we will have a purple carpet premiere. We are renting out all of Station Park in Farmington Utah. So if you aren’t able to get a ticket for the movie, come meet up with us and have tons of fun. We’ll have a bounce house, merch, and giant monkeys!! Then the movie will be able to be seen April 21-23. If everything goes as well as we hope, we will be able to show it more and in more theaters all over the country and hopefully internationally.

We end this amazing with a little hide n seek in the Spacestation!!


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