Pink’s Dark Past (Rainbow Friends)

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50 thoughts on “Pink’s Dark Past (Rainbow Friends)”

  1. Fun fact:pink is in the void in chapter 2 rainbow friends they decided to put her there so she can't harm anyone and they are planning to put her in the next chapters

  2. Excuse me I've have done 1 week of research and all the Therese's about pink I don't think there real so I'm pretty sure blue has to meet pink and u know how cyan looks at a ladybug well… wat if pinks like the Queen of Lady bugs that sent a messenger 2 the other rainbow freinds but red doesn't want us 2 know so he says "I wonder why cyan is so interested in that bug" but it was a message and blue is the king meeting a queen red finds out pink wants to see him so he goes to find blue wich is why he says "where's blue were going to be late" and u know how the guy that has giant sissors stays there well wat if the rainbow freinds took him so we followed to try get him back but where did they go and why did they need the guy with giant sissors?

  3. Blue is a king green is a ? Orange is a dinosaur purple is a ? Yellow is a pterodactyl cyan is a lizard red is a lookie lookie is a head. The old man is a human but pink is an alien