42 thoughts on “How To Make The Perfect 1989 Batman Minifigure (10x Better Than The Official One) #shorts”

  1. What are you talking about it’s by far the biggest Batman set ever made what about the Batmobile it had 1000 more pieces. Even the classic tv bat cave set had more pieces. I’m pretty sure you know all this but purposely say it wrong to get a heap of comments. Yeah it’s great for your algorithm but your just lying to all your followers and fans. Typical utuber.

  2. I laugh at those who piss and shit themselves over the placement of a Lego lightsaber handle, but everyone groaning about this is valid in all honesty.
    This isn't even a subjective thing, he destroyed a great and not to mention RARE Lego minifigure and made it look objectively uglier.