Garten of Banban 3 – Final Boss Fight & Ending | Evil Banban

Garten of Banban 3 – Final Boss Fight & Ending | Evil Banban Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game No Commentary PlayStation 5 (PS5) , XBOX or PC in 4K 60FPS (2023).

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45 thoughts on “Garten of Banban 3 – Final Boss Fight & Ending | Evil Banban”

  1. Guys, want a trick? If you record evil ban ban voice and you speed it to 1.2, you hear of ban ban voice, the same, the normal you put it to 0.8 and get evil ban ban

  2. Garten of Banban is becoming a very popular series of games, I really like it despite its simplicity in content or graphics, it has an impressive amount of detail and I've been seeing all of them, it's great to see how iconic they are They are doing some characters like Ophila-Opila bird or Jumbo Josh, it's all a mystery if both of them are still alive or not after the final events of GOB 3; The great battle between the pet experiment monsters of that gigantic nursery, which more than a nursery looks like a secret mega base. GOB 3 has improved the game a lot, the creator brothers are doing a great job, we have to see that they surprise us in the 4th game, that in that the main characters or antagonists will surely be the sheriff toad, the kangaroo queen and the monstrous Jester . As for the details that I like to highlight from this series of games, they are the following:
    1.- All the monsters; Humanoid and animal-inspired, seen so far in GOB, they have a detail in common, the protruding veins of their bodies, this is the work of the powerful Givanium, the element responsible for all this.
    2.- Opila, Tarta, Jumbo, Nabnab and Nabnaleena are the only monsters seen so far that cannot speak, they act on their instincts, the Nabnab species is the most aggressive, Jumbo is not on anyone's side, I would say that he is between aggressive and neutral, the Opila bird species is also neutral, these birds have an incredible paternal instinct, in my opinion their behavior is close to that of a real animal.
    3.- Behind Jumbo there is a story that talks about how the owners of GOB hesitated to keep that experiment, they feared him, since they saw what he was capable of when they were afraid or angry, Jumbo showed us this in his fight against Banban monster and Stinger Flynn, against the jellyfish Jumbo got too angry and we could see his enormous brute force to knock down a monster about 5 times bigger than him.
    4.-Jumbo seems to like to use his left arm more to attack or destroy, since, apart from having a "blood" stain on that left hand, we saw how he crushed the bad Banban with that hand and also previously broke down the door from the room where we were locked up with Banbaleena and Nabnab if we did something wrong.
    5.- In a hidden video inside GOB 3 we can see how the Sheriff used to be a normal Toad, and they already had his hat made, which is the size of a table, considering that in the drawing of the Banban gang that hat was It is too small, it may be that the Sheriff is huge, almost as big as Jumbo but maybe not stronger, it would be epic for that big smiling Toad to be an ally and help us defeat both the Jester and the purple Queen Kangaroo, who is possibly big too.
    6.- So far the player or the parent, either has gained the trust of 2 characters in the game (I'm not sure if Jumbo was trying to protect us or not when he came face to face with the evil Banban); the giant Birds (Opila and Tarta), the relationship with Opila started in GOB 2 when we gathered the chicks of the Pink Bird, but still in GOB 3 it could kill us again if we touch the only pink chick we see, but the protective instinct lasted shortly after riding on top of the Tart Bird, Opila seems to have forgotten a little what the Father did to her in the first game, "throwing" her into the void, and at the end of GOB 3 she left her little bird in our care to save his partner Tarta who fell where Stinger was already "knocked out" by Jumbo… how seriously everything has changed.
    7.- It is possible that both Opila and Tarta (if they are still alive) have sided with Jumbo when they saw how he crushed the monster Banban, the latter being the one who was chasing them (with his father on top of Tarta) in the halls of the bunch of doors, although the Banban was more focused on the Father and not the birds, the big Birds still saw him as a threat or an enemy.
    Looking forward to see how this great Garten of Banban (GOB) story continues in part 4 and 5 (I think there will be a part 5 too).

  3. I think Stinger Flynn is the one that made Banban violent like when he hitted us on the head at the last chapter and Stinger is the evil not Banban. Well, Banban was kinda evil on GOBB2 but know not. I am still practicing to beat T&CH(Tamataki and Chamataki) and I am almost done!! Wish me luck!😊