Family Guy Dark Humor Compilation – REACTION!!!

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If you’re a fan of the hit TV show, Family Guy, you’ll love this Dark Humor Compilation challenge. In this reaction video, check out with me and try not to laugh while watching hilarious Family Guy clips.
In this compilation of Family Guy Dark Humor, you’ll be laughing your butt off!

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49 thoughts on “Family Guy Dark Humor Compilation – REACTION!!!”

  1. fun fact: you can die from eating just lean protein (its called rabbit starvation) which is why fishing alone usually isn't enough to survive

  2. I was thinking about the starvation question and I came with an answer. You indeed can fish, however, you need to take to the account that fish had to be somehow cooked. And how do you do that? Well, hardly on a wooden boat (without risking serious consequences). The food contemporary sailors used to eat was smoked and preserved in salt. So we are talking bacon and others. That's why bread and other pastries were also quite rare. Basically no vegetables and fruits were eaten as well, which lead to scurvy (which btw. was suppressed not that long ago). Nonetheless, I am not saying the sailors never ate fish, I am pointing out it was more of an explanation than a rule.

  3. These Compilation makers probably need to start watching one another. Because the amount of used clips in these videos is ridiculous, Family Guy has 22 seasons of content, there's plenty of stuff to use. Diversify already! (This isn't a shot at Bunny obviously, it's a shot at the original video creators)

  4. 4:20 The problem in the pelagic zone (open ocean) your chances of catching a fish even with the right tackle very small. While there's a lot of fish in the pelagic zone the density of fish is very low. Meaning since the ocean is so vast the chances of a fish being anywhere near you that eats anything other than plankton is almost zero. Compared to the coastal region which has a very large density of fish.

  5. 4:30 You can't survive on fish alone. The sailors were dying by the thousands before they (much later) realized that lack of vitamin C (well, ofc they didn't know it was vitamin C at the time) source leads to scurvy which can be deadly

  6. Bunny always delivers on these reactions, too bad about the copyright issues.
    Good job keeping those sections in even after editing them!
    The quirkiness and derps just add to the videos Bunny, you already bring more joy than what you react to!
    Keep being awesome Bunny, please take care and stay safe!

  7. Salt water dehydrates. And you drink that and you hallucinate. It just gets worse from there. Scurvy is also a huge problem as no fresh vegetables or fruit. Fish can’t cover that and you waste resources if you don’t catch immediately. During Columbus’ time they had nothing. Honestly from archaeological discoveries food was horrible jarred stuff that was like pork or just really nothing good. You had to hunt or die.

  8. I cant believe people actually watch this…. why don't they just watch the original content? Why do you keep making that strange noise? are you having a stroke?