Failsafe, The Ultimate Version of Batman

Failsafe is Batman’s deadliest creation and its hunting him! Batman Failsafe Full Story!


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00:00 Intro
00:33 Batman Destroys The Justice League
02:05 Batman’s Failsafe
06:41 Batman of Zur-En-Arrh
10:28 Batman Goes to The Moon
14:38 Batman VS Failsafe

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37 thoughts on “Failsafe, The Ultimate Version of Batman”

  1. I used to do text-based roleplay based on comic book characters back in the early internet days. Sometimes people would get their characters into fights and be losing, and they'd pull all sorts of ridiculous stunts to get them out of situations where their character would otherwise die. We called it God-modding. The writers were god-modding with that reentry nonsense. Lol

  2. Theres so much wrong with this comic that I can't even. The robot attacking gotham, batman not predicting that someone might frame him. The fact that the robot would attack justice league members with lethality. The fact it would go as far as kidnapping. Many instances where physics are just completely broken.

  3. For a man who supposedly plans got everh occasion, im surprised how dumb be is for not thinking anyone would ever try to frame him for their death. Like, man knows the types of crazies there are out there.

  4. I think this is a great example how superhero comics and movies are not consistent with there heros strengths. How powerful is superman, depends what the plot needs. Like your telling me the entire justice league couldn't handle it, yeah right.

  5. I like how Failsafe's plan was such a Batman move, it basically tricked its own system into not killing Batman. But I still think this could've all been avoided if the weird Batman just added his detective skills into Failsafe, he added everything, his contingencies, martial arts, etc. So some extra brains would've also probably helped.

  6. Failsafe is not a version of Batman; he's a Terminator. That's it: it doesn't fight crime, doesn't give a shit about Gotham, and worst of all, it thinks Batman can be neutralized.