EVIL Batman & Superman WIMP | Dark League #shorts #batman #superman #justiceleague #dc

EVIL Batman & Superman WIMP | Justice League

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30 thoughts on “EVIL Batman & Superman WIMP | Dark League #shorts #batman #superman #justiceleague #dc”

  1. "don't listen Damian, it's dark side talking".

    Naaaaah, I'm pretty sure that's Bruce's not so deep thoughts about his son. We all know how he really feels about Damian let's not pretend otherwise. Sadly he it took him too long to understand his son just need some decent fatherly advice and attention to go on a great path. He rejected him too long and it almost cost him his son's life, then time had to change again

  2. Iโ€™m genuinely not sure how I feel about my โ€œdadโ€ sending me the clip of Batman saying Damian wasnโ€™t his son and was a burden