Everything Gotham Knights Did Better Than Batman Arkham

I’m sure this will rub people the wrong way, somehow, but I wanted to make a more positive video looking at a couple of things I actually really liked in the Gotham Knights game. Some people may like these things more in Batman Arkham, but I wanted to give a couple of positives where I think they are due when it comes to this WB Games Montreal title. I do believe the Arkham games like Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Knight will be more remembered and revered than Gotham Knights, but I still think there’s some positives that GK put out into the world that are worth talking about and examining. #batman #batmanarkham #gothamknights

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36 thoughts on “Everything Gotham Knights Did Better Than Batman Arkham”

  1. To the 3 to 5 people who will get all prissy just from reading the title, try actually listening to the video before you get all upset. I guarantee I also enjoyed the Batman Arkham series more than Gotham Knights. These are just some things I really liked that I hope some more superhero games will do in the future.

  2. Its hard to really compare the two. Tho they may both be bat family oriented games they aren't made by the same studios the only thing they have in common is Warner Bros Interactive but Gotham Knights isn't made by rocksteady. Gotham Knights isn't even in the Arkham Verse

  3. Nothing, Gotham knights did nothing better than Arkham knight, Gotham knights is absolute garbage, trash. Graphics are garbage, grapple physics garbage, visual garbage.

  4. Thank you, and i pray God bless and protect you and everyone with His Unfailing Love Peace and Joy Forever in Jesus and Always have eternal hope, Amen 🙏💙👍

  5. I haven't played Gotham Knights but the gliding looked very jittery and awkward. Is it just the video or is the gliding actually that awkward to control in game?

  6. I give GK kudos for giving us a (mostly) comic book accurate Dick Grayson. In most of the shows, cartoon series', games, they make him into a brooding emo. In the comics he is a dork. He is funny, friendly, and extroverted. Yes, he can be serious, he can be angry, and professional etc, but it's not the base line how he behaves in the comics.

  7. Well it did give Barbra a very nice pound of Cakes I will say that much for sure 😉 She had a butt in Arkham Knight but the armor kinda made it smaller but here she got an upgrade and she clearly works out too 😉

  8. Him, fair and valid points and opinions, it’s good that you had things that you did enjoy about the Game and I can understand and almost agree with them.
    Now, I do wonder though, what you disliked about the Game?
    I have heard that it didn’t so well, but I don’t know the specifics, so if you could cover that, I would appreciate it.

  9. Gotham Knights SUCKS. Get an inferior developer full of woke closet social justice warriors/activists to tackle a superior franchise created and developed by a superior developer, and you end up with Gotham Knights. Infereior in every aspect. Gameplay combat, graphics, code, storyline, etc. are all inferior to Batman Arkham Knight.

  10. I 100% agree about the BatFamily aspect. I hated how in Arkham Knight Bruce just kidn of regulated everyone to almost nothing while at the same time giving us the most playable batfamily members.

  11. What is wrong with you all? I've been surrounding by all perverts who are focusing on Batgirl's ass! My god! Just stop! It's not helping!🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. If we are being honest and not being biased there are a lot more than 3 things that Gotham Knights did better than the Arkansas series

  13. I like how you say "the idea of" Gotham Knights was a decent plan with a terrible execution. The fighting and overall gameplay is terrible. I wish the team that did Arkham Knight would make a new Batman game.

    I bought Gotham Knights when it was on sale for 35 and that was still too much. I tried to force myself to play it and could only make it 2 hours. It's such a clunky system. The dialogue between the characters is decent, but the choice for voices are bad to me