Every Spider-Man HATES Miles Morales?!

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48 thoughts on “Every Spider-Man HATES Miles Morales?!”

  1. The real reason is because every spiderman has there story the way it's supposed to go and his dad is going to die and if he saves him it will ruin the spiderverse but he still wants to save him and then all the spidermans try to stop him

  2. So basically, Miles got the spider powers that were supposed to be given to earth 42’s version of Spider-Man causing a chain of even that lead to his earth’s Peter to die and earth 42 to never get their Spider-Man in the first place. Miguel and the others think that this could cause a collapse in the spider verse or something

  3. They dont because did you see the final of the movie when another miles wanted to kill him and gwen and other spider mans they wanted to stop him cuz his father is gonna die by the spot and if he save his father the multiverse is gonna be in problems but he dont care

  4. This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard, if Miles continues to go on and save his father he jeopardizes the multiverse, being Spider-Man is about sacrifice, think about the insomniac Spider-Man risking the devil breath cure for new york instead for aunt may.

  5. Havent seen the movie, but i do know that its because miguel(probably spelled his name wrong ) thinks spider people should be one way and only one way. The moment Miles dissagrees with him he loses it

  6. The reason is that Mike’s was supposed to become the prowler not spider man reason why miles is supposed to be the prowler was because the first time Miles use spider sense you could see it was green and purple the colors of the prowler, and then the spider sense turned into blue and red the colors for Spider-Man. The universe miles is in the kill the other Spider-Man just so it’s equal but miles was a big threat to the Multiverse

  7. YALL REALLY DONT KNOW ok so first when he got bit by the spider he wasent supposed to get bit so the universe got mixed up witch put there familys in danger some died some got taken away from there family and when the big explosion acurd he made mutiple other dimesions clump in one and they knew it was him and them they hsted him

  8. Basically do you know how they were kind of like messing with time travel or not time travel like with the multi-verse and messing around with it he was not supposed to be Spider-Man Spider-Man who died was supposed to be that Spider-Man but since he died he died no no I don’t know how to put this since he got bit from a spider that’s from a different universe that I’m pretty sure altered something so he wasn’t supposed to be the Spider-Man of the universe