EARTH 8: Marvel Pastiches (DC Multiverse Origins)

See how DC mimicked the Avengers in the world of Angor / Earth-8.

Showcase no.63 (1966)
Justice League of America V1 no.87 (1971)
Justice League V2 no.2 (1987)
Freedom Fighters no.7-8 (1977)
Justice League Quarterly no.3 (1991)
Justice League Europe no.11-20 (1990)
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists (2007)
The Multiversity no.1-2 (2015)
Justice League of America V5 no.25-26 (April 2018)
Heroes in Crisis V1 no.1 (November 2018)
Flash Forward V1 no.2 (December 2019)
Infinite Frontier V1 no.4-6 (September 2021)
Superman V4 no.14-16 (March 2017)
Justice League Incarnate (2022)
Justice League V4 no.75 (June 2022)
Dark Crisis: The Dark Army (2023)
Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths no.7 (Feb 2023)
Justice League of America V5 no.4 (2017)
Dark Crisis: Young Justice (2022)
Justice League V1 no.2-3 (1987)
Justice League International V1 no.17 (1988)
Justice League Europe no.32-35 (1991)
Justice League America no.57-60 (1991)
Justice League of America V5 no.1-4 (2017)

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24 thoughts on “EARTH 8: Marvel Pastiches (DC Multiverse Origins)”

  1. By the way ¿does anyone knows the reason why this world's version of spider-man doesn't seem to matter ? I mean in no version did you mention that character more than two lines

  2. Personally, I would eliminate American commando and American crusader and replace it with "General Glori" (a DC character that was already a parody of Captain America but his design was better and his personality was more similar to Cap's wail steal parody)

  3. Well, in Action Figures I am a 29 year Collector, have built 10 different Earth's, I have about 5,000 figures! Six of those are DC Earth's! I have;
    Earth 1: Main DC
    Earth 2: Justice Society
    Earth 3: Crime Syndicate
    Earth 6: Kingdom Come style
    Earth 23: Watchmen style
    Earth 35: Created Equal, All Female style
    I was a bit lazy with numbers, Earth 6 is letter F for Futuristic as the Heroes are more Futuristic, Dick Greyson Batman working with Terry McInnis Batman Beyond for example. Earth 23 is obviously for W the 23rd letter, I have an Expanded Watchmen team, and 35 is C and E, the 3rd and 5th letter. I've had to really Fudge all Female Villainesses Team. I even fudged a 'Daugher of Kang' with a Robot Army to increase the threat. Added an Evil-Lyn, a couple of women from the Invincible line. This was an almost accidental Earth. I also used to be the local Comic Book Store Owner. The Media Chain Hastings went out of business, so they called me and offered me a one hour head start before they opened their doors for their 'Going out of Business' sale! I ended up buying about 30 DC Female Figures for next to nothing! I had versions of many of these, but they were Alternate versions; New 52, Wonder Woman movie, Elseworlds, Arrowverse versions that I didn't have. There weren't a lot of Villainesses though, so I've had to scramble a bit so it's not as one-sided. It wasn't all Female Figures, just mostly. I wish I could have gotten even more. But I did okay.

  4. I think MARVEL gives respect and actually uses the characters they create in DC's image. On the other hand DC tries to make fun of MARVEL with their replicas.

  5. Thank you very much for such a great content. I believe the characters here would make for compelling storytelling, but I also feel that the Avenger's lore is more complex and intricately woven because of many years of publication and a lot of ties in compared to this one. It would make a one off spin for a movie production, but I don't know what the continuity would look like.

  6. Honestly, I've always been curious about this concept, but DC has always just treated the characters terribly. Marvel's Squadron Supreme has been actually good a couple times, but the Justifies/Retaliators barely even feel like characters whenever they appear. Ironically, Lord Havok is probably the only stand out from their universe, imo.

    I almost feel like there is an editorial mandate to make them shitty, since DC has had writers who had a great handle on the Marvel versions like Busiek.

  7. Thank you very much for making this video! I'm glad you went the hard route, as there is a lot of history behind the pastiches, but as much research as it took, the video came out very complete. I'm a huge fan of these pastiches, and DC's are often so underrated compared to Marvel's, and not many people know about these characters with so much wasted potential.