DIY Thor Costume: Love and Thunder Jane Foster – Natalie Portman Cosplay

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– Get the armor pattern/template here:

– Foam Roll Sheet: (approximately 2-4 rolls were used)

– Thicker Foam Sheets:

– The glue gun I use:

– Professional Glue Gun:

– Bulk Glue Sticks:

– Black Glue Sticks:

– Spray Glue:

– Black Plasti Dip Spray (used as a base coat):

– Mod-Podge sealer:

– Heat Gun:


– Contact Lenses from:
– Color: “Sweety Batis Grey”
– Use code “ALYSON” to get a discount!

– Foundation: Revlon Colorstay

– Contour:


– Camera:
– Standard Lens:
– 50mm Lens:
– Ring Light:
– Soft Box Lights:
– RGB Color Changing Lights:
– Highly recommend these lights!

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44 thoughts on “DIY Thor Costume: Love and Thunder Jane Foster – Natalie Portman Cosplay”

  1. For your next idea, why not about Wicked the Musical? It's been 20 years, since it's been the first premiere over in New York. I'm not really sure it's your favorite Musical, but got to think about fans to Wicked the Musical. Plus, I didn't saw any Musical related yet from you. If you had favorite Musical, what would it be?

  2. Everything you make is always astounding, and one can really see that you put your heart and soul into your projects which makes them just so impressive!
    And you still look gorgeous with only three hours of sleep, God bless you Alyson :›

  3. I used your pattern to make a Dune costume for my daughter. It turned out amazing because she looks like Zendaya and your pattern was perfect! Is there someplace that I can send you a photo?

  4. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing how you make everything! I always learn so much when watching one of your tutorials! Also it's so relieving to see that you don't need all those fancy machines and tools to get amazing results, just a little creativity 😀 Loved the trick with the chalk btw, that will definitely make things easier! 🧡

  5. Hey Alyson
    Thank you for uploading your project, the costume looks amazing on you. You are such a positive person, even seemingly under the weather here.
    Take care of yourself.

  6. Alyson – Why do you do this to yourself?? Because you’re the best, and creating the costumes and character makeup is how we get to enjoy your talent. I mean we don’t worship you or anything. Well, okay. A quickie prayer and maybe a hymn – but that’s all. Looking forward to your next creation.

  7. You totally blew my mind with the technique for the skirt! I have been stumped for months about how to make that for my Mighty Thor cosplay. I've been through two different techniques already and have had to set the project aside for the time being. You are so clever, I never would've thought to do that! Love seeing your creative process. Hope you got caught up on sleep! 
    Btw, what thickness of foam did you use for the skirt?

  8. I love that you stick to basic materials and techniques, so your tutorials are accessible to cosplayers of different levels. You are an inspiration and motivate me to better my own cosplays ❤️

  9. The most baffling is that you haven't been snaffled up by Adam Savage for prop design AND OR Hollywood as an actor ……COS DAYAMMM GRILLLL YOOS GOT SERIOUS TALENT.
    OH Shizz you haz been SNAFFLED

  10. It would've taken me 4 days just to cut and glue the tiny hand piece together 😭😂 freaking amazing you did a whole set in 4 days, awesome job!

  11. I LOVE that you did this with hot glue and painted with paint brushes (instead of spray paint and contact cement)! I’m currently working on my first costume. With my young children tearing around the house, I don’t feel comfortable using toxic substances like contact cement, but was secretly concerned that the hot glue wasn’t going to work for some reason. Seeing you do this helps me feel more confident in what I’m doing. I’m not at the painting stage yet but, seeing you use paint brushes, puts my concerns of my lack of spray painting skills to rest. The costume looks AWESOME, thank you for sharing!

  12. As always impressive work. Question on using Hot Glue vs contact cement (or other glues),. From your experience do you see suits last equally long betwen the glues, or does one outlast the other (eg. Hot glue lasting shorter, or same?

  13. You made this masterpiece in four days? You’re so determined and super badass! You get things done, and just go for it. It’s truly inspiring. This turned out incredible! Adding it to my list of cosplays I must make.

  14. We don't have treeflx in out country, would you recommend using worbla to fit to your body, I'm not that talented with foam so I want something to fit to my body