Crazy Mario Bros: The Super Mario Bros Movie!

The plush version of the Super Mario Bros Movie by Illumination & Nintendo!
Mario and Luigi get separated in a cosmic nightmare, can Luigi escape Bowser’s wrath?

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· Toad: Malik Johnson [ ]
· Peach: ShyRenn VA [ ]
· Penguin King: Joe Kilcarr [ ]
· Donkey Kong: Angel T Chaine [ ]
· Toadsworth: John Salinas VO [ ]
· Extra Toads: Meggie-Elise [ ]
· MUSIC: @Galax_Music @VGHSyntheticOrchestra
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39 thoughts on “Crazy Mario Bros: The Super Mario Bros Movie!”

  1. This is awsome im just wandering… dident bowser have the master star why dident he use it you know what he did make his prison bars out of chocolate so 🤷‍♂️ idk