Black Panther is the RICHEST Character in Marvel

As the absolute monarch of Wakanda, the richest country in the Marvel Universe, Black Panther, T’Challa, has an estimated net worth of $500 billion from personal wealth, but considering the unique resource of vibranium and all other resources of his nation, his total worth soars to a staggering $80 trillion, making him four times wealthier than the entire United States.

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36 thoughts on “Black Panther is the RICHEST Character in Marvel”

  1. I think the correct title should be "Richest Character in EARTH in thr Marvel Universe"

    there are many marvel cosmic entities far faaaar richer than him.

    just ask this comment section.

  2. Random duck with a top hat: speaking in Scottish with malicious whiskey intent

    The one Mouse back with Niqqer Pass: I OWNS

    Their owner is a mouse

  3. Odin: I wonder how much this unbreakable spear that can hurt celestials and can pierce through Vibranium like knife through butter is worth?
    Collector: Oh Odin! You surely jest.

  4. TChalla is the richest character in Marvel. Yet, Wakanda doesn't provide ANY support for regional or nationwide efforts to stop colonialism. Wakand doesn't provide any outreach programs in neighboring countries to educate the citizens of those nations to increase their knowledge and their wealth and well being. TChalla is currently ousted as king of Wakanda and exiled from that nation; but as smart as he supposedly is he can't create new tech to help him continue to fight against injustices; where ever he may be. T'Challa and Ororo STILL have a dead relationship that is constantly and pretty consistently sabotaged by most Marvel writers. Thanks guys. (Can't have positive and healthy Black relationships in marvel)
    T'Challa is supposed to be an amazingly trained martial artist with or without the heart shaped herb; why then do most writers make it seem like he can't fight without it? Why is T'Challa not reinforced of his tactical and strategic mindset in any situation?
    All simple questions that reader would ask of the so called Major characters, but isn't T'Challa a major character and isn't he worth defending?

    Guess not. So surprised. 🤔😒