Batman’s Redesigned Rogues: How and Why?

When “Batman: The Animated Series” became “The New Batman Adventures,” all of the bad guys got big makeovers, some better off than others. But just HOW did these changes come about, in-universe?

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0:00 – Intro
3:13 – Announcements
3:37 – Prerequisites
4:55 – Catwoman
7:42 – The Riddler
9:47 – Mr. Freeze
11:43 – Killer Croc
15:04 – The Penguin
18:05 – Poison Ivy
20:05 – The Scarecrow
23:23 – The Joker
27:23 – Outro

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40 thoughts on “Batman’s Redesigned Rogues: How and Why?”

  1. I forgot if its a comic or a movies, but Batman said "The Joker is the most Dangerous because he's unpredictable. One day He'll do practical jokes and pranks just for a laugh. Other days he'll commit the worst atrocities known to man with a smile." My guess why Joker looks like that, is he decided he wanted to. Not a DCAU explanation, but it does fit Joker.

  2. I honestly liked all of the original designs better. Except for maybe scarcrow. But it does make sense for mr freeze and characters like him to update thier costume overtime

  3. Russo brothers said that scarlet witch got rid of her accent to hide, same way widow went blond and cap grew a beard. I guess falcon just… didn’t want to change himself/didn’t think anyone would notice him?

  4. Didn’t they say some bs about how Wanda was so use to watching American stuff and immersing herself in the culture that she began to pick up an American accent

  5. The vast majority of the redesigns in The New Batman Adventures ranged from "eh/indifferent" to "outright atrocious."

    I'd say the only one that was better was Scarecrow. Some are pretty fine, like Harley Quinn or Batgirl. Two-Face, Poison Ivy are eh. Batman, Joker, Jim Gordon, Penguin, etc are just straight ugly