Batman’s Darkest Villain

I haven’t discussed it prior, but I’m a big fan of Batman and his mythos – especially the villains.
Long have I heard the debate for who is Batman’s darkest, and most cruel villain in all of his iconic rouges gallery, and I believe I have finally found him.
Who is it? watch the video to see! Here’s a hint: I hope you enjoyed the Batman Arkham Games (you should play them, anyways. They’re amazing!)

I had a blast making this video. Special thanks to Chrysanthemiasma!!! He was the lovely voice you heard in the interview. Check out his art, its so good!!!

00:00 – Intro
3:05 – Scarecrow’s Origins
9:30 – A Nobel Performance
29:30 – Interview
38:00 – ???

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*Music used in order*
►Johan Johansson – Candlelight Vigil
►Shin Megami Tensei IV – Reverse Hills
►Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – Deep Within Team Galatic HQ
►Postal 1 – Central Park
►Thomas Bangalter – Rectum
►Zero Time Dilemma – CQD Bad End
►John Fox – Moon Walk
►Batman Arkham City – Pay Your Respects

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25 thoughts on “Batman’s Darkest Villain”

  1. I clicked on this video without reading your channel name. My blood ran cold and I froze for a few seconds when "Hey Peter" popped up on screen. My name is Peter.

  2. His appearance and significance in the third episode of The Animated series is one of the most standout Scarecrow moments for me. Bruce uses theatricality and fear as means to fight against the underbelly of Gotham but what happens indeed if he too is exposed to the same concept? The idea that he feels guilty all these years for what happened to his parents.

    Also it is the epiosde where he says his most iconic line

  3. I have always loved Scarecrow since the Batman Animated Series version of him scared the crap out of me as a child.

    I also believe the fire bat in the end was actually the late great Kevin Conroy himself. But jokes aside, it might have been Azrael

  4. I usually hate to nitpick about this stuff, especially during videos I overall find cool, but what Scarecrow did with Gordon doesn't fall into the definition of blackmail. Blackmail is threatening to reveal sensitive and damaging information on someone unless they provide you with some kind of service or payment. Gordon wasn't in danger of having some unsavory secret about himself revealed, at least not from Scarecrow. He was in danger of losing his child. Not saying that's any better, but the clear distinction still kinda felt worth saying.

  5. wait
    if batman is using it then it starts to make sense that this batman is the antagonist of suicide squad
    he's gone off the handle and its time to bring him back or put him down

  6. This is why I’ve always loved Arkham Knight, and the more I play it, the more I love it. Scarecrow is probably my favorite villain in the Arkhamverse. Fantastic in Knight

  7. Gotta love Scarecrow. He's always been my favorite of Batman's Rogues Gallery. Whether he's on the eccentric goofy side or the brooding dark side, it's so fun to watch him work his magic. Fear State, Arkham games, Batman Begins, Animated Series, they're all just such juicy characters.

  8. 8:47 This part gave me chills the music is so ominous like Scarecrow himself and goes to show the lengths that Scarecrow will go to instill fear in not only Gotham but The World