Batman: Shadow War – Full Story

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Batman: Shadow War – Full Story

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Ra’s al Ghul is dead, and Talia is out for revenge! Batman is on the case to find Deathstroke before Talia’s elite killers do! But Batman starts to piece together that not everything is what it seems in Ra’s’s death…and knows whom he must interrogate to get answers…Talia herself! Can the two former lovers ever work together again?

This hardcover collects all the parts of the SHADOW WAR story from Batman #122-123; Robin #13-14; Deathstroke Inc. #8-9; Shadow War: Alpha #1; Shadow War: Omega #1; Shadow War Zone #1.

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22 thoughts on “Batman: Shadow War – Full Story”

  1. I've noticed that in several videos it's been mentioned that Damian went back to Gotham (stupidly) and got Alfred killed. But that leaves out that Bruce sent Damian into Gotham. When telling Selena the plan, Bruce says, "I reached out to the family. Gotham girl was weakening. Once the venom was mine we could move. Alfred escaped my father, creating a need for a hostage. **Damian played the fool. He went in got captured. Once inside the cave he can let in his brothers and sisters.** While we take the the city. While we take Bane." (City of Bane part 7)

    Damian didn't just willy nilly go into Gotham. Instead, he followed Batman's plan, and used a tactic that had succeeded in prior missions. He allowed himself to be captured, again following Batman's plan.

    Which is for me a disconnect with Shadow War and Batman Vs Robin. Damian has acknowledged and sought forgiveness for his actions, but Batman and the family haven't taken responsibility for their parts in the plan. Damian became their scapegoat and so far there has been no resolution.