Bane Anatomy Explored – Why Does He Wear A Mask? Can He OD on Venom? Is He Immortal?

Bane Anatomy Explored – Why Does He Wear A Mask? Can He OD on Venom? Is He Immortal?

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20 thoughts on “Bane Anatomy Explored – Why Does He Wear A Mask? Can He OD on Venom? Is He Immortal?”

  1. I don't know much about the comics, but if it's correct and Bane can lift 15 tons without much of a problem…how could Batman have any possibility of hanging with him in hand-to-hand combat? Plot armor I guess.

  2. “Drug abusers often lose their capacity to reproduce”
    Uh no. Go to a methadone clinic and look how many pregnant women are in there. It’s a virtual certainty. I wish it were true, though. Drug abusers are useless to society. If they couldn’t reproduce, it would prevent the births of more individuals born with the drug abuse gene.

  3. In the Drark Knight Rises the only reason why Batman was left alive was by Bane was so Bruce could have his mind broken by watching Gotham being destroyed. So to say that Bane couldn't kill Batman is inaccurate in my opinion. He broke his back in their first fight, shattered his mask and knew who he was all along. All he had to do was simply crush is head in or break his neck or shoot him in the head as he was lying there helpless. Other then that it was a very good video and most informative.

  4. AAS cause your own body's testosterone production to stop and that shuts down sperm production. If you're on AAS for any length of time, you become effectively sterile until you go back off.

  5. Would of been nice if Tom Hardy actually played bane instead of some new character with the same name. Why invent a villain and name him the same as another villain?

  6. You forgot the life long effects of venom on Bane it's shown in Batman beyond that life long use has forced bane to need the drug to continue to live and broken his mind and body to the point he is a shell of a person

  7. I like the theory that Bane is also on Venom in the Dark Knight Rises. It's implied several times that the mask does far more than just pump painkillers into his body to ease the pain of his injuries, given that he can even smash concrete with his bare hands and his strength diminishes when the mask is damaged.

  8. You know.. None of this explains his voice. It's not quite British, not quite American, not quite.. the way anybody has ever talked, ever

  9. I wonder if that many doses of that kind of steroid should have given him a massive heart attack. And I wonder if venom was designed to prevent his build up lactic acids or fatigue toxins.