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Take a look at our ‘New Trailer’ concept for DCEU’s upcoming movie THE FLASH (2023) (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

Music: Aliaksei Yukhnevich – End of the Abyss
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The inspiration behind this video:

As seen in the first trailer for The Flash, seven different Batman costumes can be seen on display in the Batcave. Each one has different variations such as extra holsters for grapple guns, goggles on the cowl, different colors, and more. It certainly looks as though Keaton’s Batman customized different suits for different scenarios following Batman Returns, something the Dark Knight of the original comics has also done such as integrating cold-resistant technology to fight Mr. Freeze or mechanized power armor to fight the likes of Bane (and even Superman).

However, Bruce Wayne’s inventive creation of multiple suits also resembles the MCU’s Iron Man who had over 40 different armors at one point. Having a surplus of suits suggests that Keaton’s Batman was constantly tinkering, wanting his tech and resources to make him the best he could be in his crusade to fight the criminals of Gotham. Just like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, the desire to keep upgrading may come from a shared need to overcompensate in the absence of inherent superpowers.

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