Batman Beyond Needs a Movie

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Hey, how ya doin’? I hope you are doing well. HiTop Films here, Uncle HiTop, back at it with another Batman Video Essay. This time on Batman Beyond, specifically, why Batman Beyond Needs a Movie. How has there not been a movie, or at least a show, about Terry McGinnis, about Old Bruce Wayne. The work of the DC Animated Universe team, the DCAU, is unmatched and their greatest creation might just be Batman Beyond. Listen to me rave about Batman Beyond while disguising the passionate ramblings as a pitch for why Batman Beyond Needs a Movie. God, Return of The Joker is so good. This was such a blast to work on genuinely, haven’t had this much fun creating a video since the early days of Batman Does Not Kill. Thank you for subscribing, and for supporting me and our Jason Todd Fan Film for so long. Means the world. Will HiTop Films ever stop making HiTop Films Batman videos? Let me know your favorite “Timmverse” character? Or show.
Anything Batman The Animated Series is incredible. RIP to the legend himself, Kevin Conroy.




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Surreal Journey – Aquartos
Psychic Grad – Ian Post
The Robots Are Coming – Nim Sadot
Endless Tunnel – James Forest
Growth – Garrett Bevins
Secret Weapon – Evgeny Bardyuzha
We Only Come Out at Night – GHST MDRN
Pashosho by Randy Sharp
Cicada Killer – idokay

Batman Beyond Live Action Concept Art By –

We All Love… – 0:00
Batman is Dead – 3:17
Terry – 7:40
A Package Deal – 12:30

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