Batman’s Darkest Villain

I haven’t discussed it prior, but I’m a big fan of Batman and his mythos – especially the villains.
Long have I heard the debate for who is Batman’s darkest, and most cruel villain in all of his iconic rouges gallery, and I believe I have finally found him.
Who is it? watch the video to see! Here’s a hint: I hope you enjoyed the Batman Arkham Games (you should play them, anyways. They’re amazing!)

I had a blast making this video. Special thanks to Chrysanthemiasma!!! He was the lovely voice you heard in the interview. Check out his art, its so good!!!

00:00 – Intro
3:05 – Scarecrow’s Origins
9:30 – A Nobel Performance
29:30 – Interview
38:00 – ???

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*Music used in order*
►Johan Johansson – Candlelight Vigil
►Shin Megami Tensei IV – Reverse Hills
►Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – Deep Within Team Galatic HQ
►Postal 1 – Central Park
►Thomas Bangalter – Rectum
►Zero Time Dilemma – CQD Bad End
►John Fox – Moon Walk
►Batman Arkham City – Pay Your Respects

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