EARTH 8: Marvel Pastiches (DC Multiverse Origins)

See how DC mimicked the Avengers in the world of Angor / Earth-8.

Showcase no.63 (1966)
Justice League of America V1 no.87 (1971)
Justice League V2 no.2 (1987)
Freedom Fighters no.7-8 (1977)
Justice League Quarterly no.3 (1991)
Justice League Europe no.11-20 (1990)
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists (2007)
The Multiversity no.1-2 (2015)
Justice League of America V5 no.25-26 (April 2018)
Heroes in Crisis V1 no.1 (November 2018)
Flash Forward V1 no.2 (December 2019)
Infinite Frontier V1 no.4-6 (September 2021)
Superman V4 no.14-16 (March 2017)
Justice League Incarnate (2022)
Justice League V4 no.75 (June 2022)
Dark Crisis: The Dark Army (2023)
Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths no.7 (Feb 2023)
Justice League of America V5 no.4 (2017)
Dark Crisis: Young Justice (2022)
Justice League V1 no.2-3 (1987)
Justice League International V1 no.17 (1988)
Justice League Europe no.32-35 (1991)
Justice League America no.57-60 (1991)
Justice League of America V5 no.1-4 (2017)

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